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Frugal and Budget Friendly Cell Phones

Many cell phones today can cost up to $1000! For many, that is not budget friendly and/or we are too frugal for such crazy costs. I personally think that paying that much for a cell phone is ridiculous so I took the liberty to address this by providing cheaper alternatives for you guys to investigate.


BLU definitely has the most affordable phones on the market. If your trying to stay frugal and stick to a budget, this may be the phone for you. You can grab one brand spanking new for as little as $40!!


With the slogan “NEVER SETTLE” and claiming to be “The Flagship Killer”, the ONEPLUS 2 has stayed very reasonably priced for my budget at under $300 with 64GB!! This is still a frugal option considering what its competition is(Samsung Note). This has been my choice of phone for almost 4 years and the craftsmanship, quality, speed, and overall user experience is second to none!



Ok, I know a lot of people like their iphones, and Apple provides a great product. My issue is that they are so darn expensive! However, I have found one product that Apple offers that is still manageable for the budget and frugal minded individual. The APPLE IPHONE SE has most of the same hardware as the 6S without the crazy price tag of almost $700! The APPLE IPHONE SE comes in at a right around $400 brand new for the 16GB version!


Yet another well priced quality phone for the frugal minded individual, the HUAWEI HONOR kind of resides between the BLU and the ONEPLUS 2. I have a few friends from work that have owned a HUAWEI HONOR for about a year each and they think they are fantastic! Staying under $200, compared to many phones on the market, this phone still meets what I would consider a budget friendly phone.